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What to Do When You Feel Unwell During Using Home Beauty Equipment?

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Even if the necessary preparations are made, it is difficult to guarantee foolproof. If there is serious discomfort after use, such as severe redness, small rash, or even small blisters, it is recommended to stop using home beauty equipment and streamline skin care immediately. If necessary, seek medical attention from time to time.

1. Nanny-level considerate medical treatment guide for home beauty equipment, and the exclusive secrets are disclosed for the first time

After the skin is fully recovered, after consulting a doctor, try carefully from the home beauty equipment to ensure that the skin is tolerated, and then try it with other devices.

2. What should I do if I dare not use other products when using home beauty equipment?

Now, step by step teaches everyone how to build tolerance. If there is only a slight burning sensation or tingling sensation after using the home-use beauty equipment, you can use the repair and soothing product first and observe the follow-up reaction. If it is relieved quickly and there is no other discomfort next time, you can continue to use it. If discomfort still occurs after subsequent use, or there is a tendency to aggravate, it is also recommended to stop home beauty equipment and seek medical treatment in time. Let it go for the unfavorable products.

At the same time, observe the process of using your own face beauty machine to see if the facial instability is caused by the use of functional products, and the beauty equipment just aggravated this instability. At this time, you can adjust the skincare process, remove some products, and temporarily stop using them.

In short, skincare is something that you should do for your beauty.

Giving too many “signals” to the skin, on the contrary, may cause damage to the skin. But the lack of desire to be beautiful, there will be fewer opportunities for a better change, and less pleasure in observing oneself. I hope everyone can experience the fun of skincare through continuous experimentation.

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