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Do you worry about the ance, fade scars freckles redness and age spots? We got a solution for this because our face beauty machine is designed for all these problems. Our facial beauty machines are well-designed and very popular in Japan and Korea. With all the beauty products in our company, Ace-Tec, as a professional beauty device manufacturer, is able to help you with any problem that you have on your face. Our facial machine for home use is portable and of good quality, which makes sure that your buying and using experience is the best.

Types of Beauty Device

How Can I Tighten My Skin?

With the aging process, skin can get loose and this process may be frustrating to most of us. Luckily, with the development of technologies, now, we have various ways to tighten our skin:

- Facial Cream: As many studies have suggested, facial cream containing retinoids and hyaluronic acid can effectively increase the proliferation and attract water molecules, thereby rejuvenating your skin.

-Exercising: Effective weight training exercises can also help people to slow down the process of skin loosening.

- Face Beauty Machine: As facial cream may contain allergenic ingredients and some people like pregnant ladies cannot conduct physical exercises, a facial machine for home use will then appear to be a perfect solution for most people. Using advanced technologies like EMS, face beauty machines can help you to effectively massage the loosened skin and evoke an anti-aging response.

Do Home Skin Tightening Devices Work?

The answer to this question is a big "yes". With the correct use of a facial beauty machine, you can effectively tighten different skin areas. For instance, while our fbb2 series can effectively tighten the skin around the jaw area, our eye massager series is specifically designed to tighten the skin around your beautiful eyes. 

Beauty Device FAQs

  • How Does Your Product Work?


    ACE-TEC Co., Ltd. - Home Use Beauty Equipment Expert Created since 2003, Dongguan Ace-tec Co., Ltd. is an experienced face beauty machine manufacturer in Dongguan. Our facial beauty therapy machines are specially designed to meet people's needs for using facial skincare machines at home. We focus on many different situations of the facial problem and have our R&D team develop products to solve those situations. We have developed many face beauty machines for home use for sale. Our products in the beauty device catalog can fix most of the problems that you may have. Besides that, we are also specialized in facial brush machine, etc. Contact us to get the price, wholesale is also welcomed.

  • Is This A Cordless Device?


    We are a professional manufacturer of facial machines for home use. The beauty device we produce must be portable and easy to use. So, yes, all the beauty devices are cordless. And most of the face beauty machines are cordless. For example, we can offer rejuvenator massagerEMS cellulite massager, and so on. Contact us to check more wireless beauty machines for sale.

  • Where Are They Made?


    All our beauty devices are made in china. Specifically, in Dongguan, Guangdong.

  • How Is Your After-sales Service?


    We have one year (12 months) warranty for all kinds of beauty devices, without man-made damage. If you find any defective accessories the first time, we will give you the new parts for free to replace in the next order. As an experienced beauty device manufacturer, you can rest assured of the quality and after-sales service.

  • Does Your Company Accept Oem & Odm Services?


    Yes, we do. Ace-tec has over 18 years of OEM & ODM experience. Up to now, we have developed over 200 models for the market. Some of the TOP brands we served are LG, PHILIPS, AVON, MARY KAY, etc.

Ace-tec Beauty Advanatges

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