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The Solutions of LED Beauty Device

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The beauty device is a machine that adjusts and improves the body and face according to the physiological functions of the human body. If it is divided by function, it has multiple functions such as whitening, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, wrinkle removal, hair removal, weight loss, and so on. Simply using skincare products can no longer meet the expectations of consumers who want to pursue a youthful state. Making the skin younger, more delicate, and maintaining a firm state is the direction they want to continue to work hard on. Common types of beauty equipment include: ion beauty device, ultrasonic beauty device, LED beauty device, micro-current beauty device, micro-crystal microdermabrasion beauty device, micro-needle beauty device, radiofrequency beauty device, electric pulse beauty device, and so on. This article will mainly introduce the LED beauty device.

The LED beauty device can be understood as a family version of photorejuvenation. Its main functions are skin rejuvenation, pore shrinkage, spot lightening, the stratum corneum thickening, and wound healing. No matter what instrument you use, you usually use one or more red, blue and yellow light. These three kinds of visible light are completely harmless to the human body and have no side effects. They are the three most suitable and mildest light sources in the solar spectrum. Among them, red light skin rejuvenation removes wrinkles, smooths fine lines, reduces pores, and improves scars. It is also effective for acne; blue light reduces acne; yellow light whitens calms, resists allergies, and inhibits dark spots. In addition, there are many combination lights, such as purple light, which is a dual-frequency light of red and blue light, which has the dual effects of curing acne and lightening acne marks; and there is a green light, which also has a better effect on removing spots.

The LED beauty device is a kind of strong pulse photon technology face beauty machine with a wide spectrum and special wavelength. Its therapeutic effect on vascular and pigmented lesions has been widely recognized by society. After 4 to 6 treatments of photorejuvenation, satisfactory results can be obtained. In addition, photorejuvenation can also remove wrinkles and treat erythema on the skin, with an overall uniform cosmetic effect.

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