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Functions of Each Light of the LED Light Beauty Device

1. The cleaning principle of the LED light beauty device

According to research by skin experts, most of the dirt accumulated in the cortex, such as oil and cosmetic residues, are negatively charged.

The deep cleansing procedure of the LED skin care device can completely soothe the skin and fully expand the pores. At this time, the use of the characteristics of opposite sex attraction can effectively clean dirt and take away cosmetic residues.

2. The role of each light of the LED light beauty device

Red light: Red is the most penetrating color. Red light has a stronger ability to penetrate tissues than other wavelengths of colored light, and it has a warming effect on the skin and mucous membranes. Red light stimulates blood flow, accelerates blood circulation, enhances the vitality of human cells, and increases skin elasticity and luster.

Blue light: The blue light in the LED light beauty device is a calm color and is regarded as a cool color. Blue light can inhibit oil secretion, reduce inflammation and sterilization, eliminate Propionibacterium acnes, and treat acne and scars. Some facial equipment for home use will adopt this kind of light.

Green light: Greenlight is the most common color in nature and is regarded as a neutral color. It has the effect of balance and stability, can improve skin roughness, wrinkles, blackheads, acne, and acne caused by fatigue and mental stress, balance and adjust skin pigmentation, and improve dullness.

Yellow light: The yellow light in the LED light beauty device can penetrate the skin 1-2mm, effectively repair skin redness, erythema, relieve redness, pigment redness and other effects, improve immunity, help accelerate lymphatic circulation, and eliminate toxins.

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