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How to Choose Household Radio Frequency Face Beauty Device?

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1. Choose the RF face beauty device with a higher working frequency

The higher the working frequency of the radio frequency face beauty device, the better the heating effect on the tissue, and within the range that the skin can bear, it can naturally produce a better effect of stimulating collagen synthesis.

2. Choose the RF face beauty device that has passed the clinical efficacy test, and the effect is more guaranteed.

Product research and development is an extremely complex process, and good performance of technical parameters does not mean that the facial face beauty device is effective. Moreover, some businesses will exaggerate the promotion, there is a situation where the advertisement does not match the product. At this time, you can see if the product has a professional clinical trial report.

You can focus on the improvement effect of various indicators of the beauty machines for sale, such as pores, eye circumference, forehead, fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, and facial firmness (such as collagen density). The comparison photos of the subjects before and after use are more intuitive and have a certain reference values.

3. Choose the face beauty device with a short operation time for once and easy operation

As mentioned earlier, the facial face beauty device needs to be used consistently to see the effect. Otherwise, it will have nothing to do with your beauty if you buy it back and put it in the cabinet to fall off.

Therefore, for lazy modern people, short use time, wireless use, and lightweight body are all bonus points. At present, some of the more advanced face beauty devices can complete the anti-aging task in less than 10 minutes a day, which can be said to be very persistent.

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