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Skin Tightening Device List

Do Skin Tightening Devices Work?

ACE-TEC ultrasound skincare facelifting massager FBB2 machine can generate about 1 million ultrasonic vibrations per second to lift the skin and regenerate its elasticity and vitality. What's more, it can alternately emit RF radiofrequency and ultrasonic waves, while maintaining skin temperature, activating collagen regeneration, reducing nasolabial folds, lifts and tightens, and improving the phenomenon of sagging facial skin. The product has been tested, and the collagen can be increased by about 27% after three consecutive use. It is a beauty device worth considering for mature skin.

What Beauty Device Has Good Compact Effect?

When a woman is 25, the collagen will be full, wrinkles will gradually appear on the face, and the skin will become dull. What an important thing for skin compactness. Ace-Tec strongly recommends the cellulite toner lifter massager devices. Such home-use beauty equipment can shrink and tighten the collagen under the skin, which can act as delicate skin and cool the surface of the skin at the same time. To make wrinkles gradually lighten or disappear, the form of collagen under the skin can be repaired and nourished, and new collagen is produced, making the skin more plump and shiny.

How Ultrasonic Therapy For Skin Tightening Works?

Ultrasound refers to a mechanical vibration wave whose frequency exceeds 20,000 Hz and cannot cause normal human hearing. The vibration wave has mechanical, thermal, and chemical effects. Our FBB2 V face lifting instrument uses the three functions of ultrasound to treat the human face in order to achieve the purpose of beauty. Ultrasound has strong power and energy, acting on the face can cause skin cells to vibrate and produce a fine massage effect. Through the warming effect of ultrasound, the temperature of the skin surface can be increased, and the blood circulation can be accelerated. Ultrasound can also strengthen the catalytic ability and accelerate the metabolism of skin cells.