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  • Wireless Charging Electric Sonic Toothbrush TCB1

Wireless Charging Electric Sonic Toothbrush TCB1

Review the Latest Cordless Automatic Electric Vibrating Sonic Toothbrush with two replacement brush heads for a better oral care system.

This product uses high-end sonic tech, which has also been used in many of our other products. We can also offer body slimming massagerfacial skin care machines, and face cleaning devices with high-end techs. Kindly check with us and learn more!

Toothbrush Designed For Sensitive Gums

  • Rounded bristles: No hurt to the root of the gums

  • 3D bristles to fit the oral structure: Clean the blind area without residue

  • Imported food-grade Dupont bristles PA612: Reliable bristles, not easy to change shape

Efficient Cleaning Teeth Whitening

  • Maglev deep clean sound waves: >40000 RPM, Efficient cleaning

  • High-frequency vibration technique: Fine grinding, white teeth

  • Wireless Charging Electric Sonic Toothbrush TCB1

Wireless Charging Electric Sonic Toothbrush TCB1 Features

  • Sonic Electric Toothbrush Oral Care System
  • Cordless Electric Toothbrush
  • Wireless Toothbrush
  • 6 Working Modes, 3 Levels Adjustment, Free choice comfortable mode

Cleaning Mode: Deep cleaning, removing, dental plaque efficiently

Polishing Mode: Tooth polishing, Smile glamorous

Sensitive Mode: Soft cleaning, No Hurt to Sensitive teeth

Whitening Mode: Dual frequency decontamination

Massage Mode: Relieve gums discomfort, Maintain healthy teeth

Children's Mode: Kids Only, Gentle, and non-irritating

  • Your Exclusive Dental Specialist, Your Oral Health Guard

Auto-shutdown for 2 minutes: Accurately control the brushing time

Intelligent Memory Program: Start with the last brushing mode

30s Transposition Reminder: Intermittent pause reminder

IPX7 Waterproof: Free using in shower

  • High-end Luxury And Elegant Appearance Comfort. And A Firm Grip




  • How to charge an electric toothbrush without a charger?

Get this toothbrush and enjoy a wireless life.

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