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  • Wireless Charging Electric Sonic Toothbrush TCB1

Wireless Charging Electric Sonic Toothbrush TCB1

Check out the latest cordless electric sonic vibrating toothbrush with two replacement brush heads. Our TCB1 wireless charging toothbrush can provide automatic cleaning to your teeth for a better oral care system. We have got many positive reviews regarding this wireless electric toothbrush. This inductive charging toothbrush uses high-end sonic tech, which has also been used in many of our other products. We can also offer Body slimming massager, Facial skin care machines, and Face cleaning devices with high-end techs. Kindly check with us and learn more!

Toothbrush Designed For Sensitive Gums

  • Rounded bristles: No hurt to the root of the gums

  • 3D bristles to fit the oral structure: Clean the blind area without residue

  • Imported food-grade Dupont bristles PA612: Reliable bristles, not easy to change shape

Efficient Cleaning Teeth Whitening

  • Maglev deep clean sound waves: >40000 RPM, Efficient cleaning

  • High-frequency vibration technique: Fine grinding, white teeth

  • Wireless Charging Electric Sonic Toothbrush TCB1

Wireless Charging Electric Sonic Toothbrush TCB1 Features

  • Sonic Electric Toothbrush Oral Care System
  • Cordless Electric Toothbrush
  • Wireless Toothbrush
  • 6 Working Modes, 3 Levels Adjustment, Free choice comfortable mode

Cleaning Mode: Deep cleaning, removing, dental plaque efficiently

Polishing Mode: Tooth polishing, Smile glamorous

Sensitive Mode: Soft cleaning, No Hurt to Sensitive teeth

Whitening Mode: Dual frequency decontamination

Massage Mode: Relieve gums discomfort, Maintain healthy teeth

Children's Mode: Kids Only, Gentle, and non-irritating

  • Your Exclusive Dental Specialist, Your Oral Health Guard

Auto-shutdown for 2 minutes: With the auto-shutdown function, TCB1 series can accurately control the brushing time so as to prevent over-brushing from happening.

Intelligent Memory Program: Every time you use this inductive charging toothbrush, it will start automatically with the last brushing mode you choose.

30s Transposition Reminder: This wireless charging toothbrush also has an intermittent pause reminder.

IPX7 Waterproof: IPX7 waterproof. Feel free to use this wireless toothbrush in shower.

  • High-end Luxury And Elegant Appearance Comfort. And A Firm Grip




  • How to charge an electric toothbrush without a charger?

Get this toothbrush and enjoy a wireless life

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