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  • V Face Introduction Instrument Fbb2

V Face Lifting Instrument Fbb2

The EMS V face skin lifting massage instrument releases electrical muscle stimulation and provides facial electroporation. This 5 in 1 portable multifunction facial machine can make it possible that people can use gadgets to do anti-wrinkle beauty care at home. This electric V face lifting device is designed with blue and red LED light photons that can provide hot and cold therapy vibration while releasing negative ions to offer a facial slimming massage experience. Apart from EMS massager, we can also offer Ultrasound face massager, and other facial skin care machines, contact us to review more details of this V-face lifting instrument.

  • V face mode: EMS red light temperature heat line carving level lifting

  • Import mode: Red light and a warm sense of deep import

  • Ice compress mode: Cool, Blue Light, Calm, Anti-allergy

  • V Face Introduction Instrument Fbb2

V Face Lifting Instrument Fbb2 Features

  • V Face Lifting Instrument
  • Portable Multifunction Facial Machine
  • Electroporation Facial Price
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation Face
  • 5 In 1 Ems Anti Wrinkle Device
  • Face Lift At Home Machine
  • FBB2 V Face Lifting Machine
  • EMS

Using EMS technology, this V-face machine can quickly improve facial edema and conduct lifting and tightening.

  • Red light and a warm sense of deep import

Effectively lock water for moisturizing

  • Cool & Blue Light

Capable of conducting calm, Anti-allergy, Oil Control, Bacteriostatic and acne treatment

  • Aerobic Sound Wave Vibration

Simulate professional chiropractor acupressure massage to promote skin microcirculation

  • Unique Import Face Design

Efficient Import saves time

  • IPX4 waterproof

Wet Environment Optional

  • Three gear adjustment

Having 3 different levels, you can choose the massage level in accordance with your own needs.

V Face Introduction Instrument Fbb2 Specifications




Main unit IPX4

Unit Dimension


Unit Weight

204g main unit, 101g charging base


3 levels of adjustment (high/medium/low)


3 modes (lead-in / facelift / cold compress)

Charging method

TYPE-C USB cable charging

Power supply

USB charging cable or 5V±5%1A switching power supply

Charging time3 hours (depending on the actual using situation of the product)

What Is V Lift Treatment?

Using technology like EMS, V lift treatment refers to the non-surgical treatment that reduces your facial width. Products like V face machines can effectively decrease the width of your lower face resulted from weight gaining, aging, illness, etc.

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