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  • Powerful LED Therapy SR-11AR

Powerful LED Beauty Device SR-11AR

This handheld 3-LED-light face beauty device provides ultrasonic facial tightening therapy and can also be used as an infrared face skincare massager. It can provide professional therapy for all kinds of facial problems and even be effective for acne scar removal. This device will be supplied with a replaceable light panel. We have many waterproof skincare devices. For more Facial skin care devices, please contact us now and check!

  • Increase collagen fivefold

  • Improves acne-prone skin

  • Reduces pigmentation

  • Powerful LED Therapy SR-11AR

Powerful LED Beauty Device SR-11AR Features

  • Infrared Face Massager
  • Led Ultrasonic Facial Therapy Device
  • Led Skin Tightening Device
  • Led Skin Care Device
  • Led Light Face Massager
  • Led Light Face Device
  • Powerful LED Therapy

Non-thermal Color Skin Rejuvenation Technology Just to make you more beautiful

  • LED green light

fair complexion 525 nm wavelength, deal with pigmentation and sunburn to promote skin beautiful white and tender

  • LED red delicate skin

delicate skin660-850 nm wavelength, improve the skin's young luster

  • LED Blue Light

Reduces Acne Distress 418 Nm Wavelengths Reduces Acne Distress

  • Powerful LED therapy new upgrade

High Energy Light Source Deep Reach the bottom of the skin is more elastic

Powerful LED Therapy SR-11AR Specifications

Product model


Product color


Suitable for skin type

Suitable for all skin types

Product size


Rated voltage and current



Power mode

Product weight

153 G

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