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  • Pro Cleansing Facial Steamer
  • Cleansing Facial Steamer
  • Pro Cleansing Facial Steamer
  • Cleansing Facial Steamer

Nano Care Facial Steamer

This home-use nanocare facial steamer is able to provide ionic moisturizing deep cleansing for facial skin. It is designed with a handle which makes this deep cleansing facial steamer easier to use. This nanocare facial steamer enables you to have a spa salon experience at home and you can easily get facial detox and better face skin. 

  • Skin Hydration

  • Improved Blood Circulation

  • Enhanced Skincare Absorption

  • Relaxation and Stress Relief


Nano Care Facial Steamer SR-17A Features


The warm steam helps to soften the sebum, making it easier for the skin to absorb the moisture. This process aids in keeping the skin adequately hydrated.

15-Minute Continuous Steaming

With the high-capacity water-filling design, our nanocare facial steamer can provide a continuous steam period for around 15 minutes.

Large Water Storage Tank

Though the body of our deep cleansing facial steamer is small, it has a high capacity over water storage.

Dry-out Protection

After the water is dried out, the thermostat will be disconnected automatically and the cleansing facial steamer will be shut down automatically. After rewatering, about 30S can be rebooted into normal spray mode.

Nano Care Facial Steamer SR-17A Features

Nano Care Facial Steamer Specifications

Product model


Product name

Facial Ionic Steamer

Product color

Black / white

Product weight

590 G

Product size175*108*155MM

Advantages of Steaming Face

Improve Circulation

The nano-sized particles with high temperature sprayed by the nanocare facial steamer can improve the microcirculation of the skin, enhance the nutrient supply of the skin, nerves, and blood vessels, and keep the skin rosy, shiny, and tender.

Deep Cleaning

The steam produced by the pro cleansing facial steamer can effectively soften your follicle and keratinization cell. When massaging and cleaning your face, the deep cleansing facial steamer can more thoroughly clean the dirt of skin and the remaining cosmetic, thereby making the skin more relaxed, smooth, and exquisite.

Promote Healing and Regeneration

Because the atomized nano-sized particles with higher temperature are rich in oxygen ions, the impact force generated by the nanocare facial steamer is conducive to enhancing the absorption of oxygen ions by the skin. Under the action of its thermal effect, this face beauty machine can greatly strengthen the aerobic metabolism of the skin, increase oxygenated hemoglobin to release oxygen in the tissue, improve the oxygen supply of the skin, reduce the skin edema, exudation, blood stasis, pruritus, etc. 

Fine Pores

When using nanocare facial steamer, the heat effect generated in the instrument can make the pores open and soften the dirt in pores in a short period of time. Thus, after steaming the face, it is easy to clean dirt in pores with warm water.

How Often Can You Steam Your Face?

It is better to use the pro cleansing facial steamer two or three times a week. When using, you can also apply a mask on your face, so as to allow the skin to absorb more moisture and the essence of the mask, thus making the skin more moist and nutritious. However, it should be noted that the use of the deep cleansing facial steamer can not be too long. Ten to fifteen minutes is enough.