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LED Therapy Mask SR-11C

ACE-TEC LED Therapy Mask SR-11C uses LED therapy to treat different skin problems on the face with different colors of LED light.

1. Easy to use

2.Targeted solution for skin problems


LED Therapy Mask SR-11C Feature

Convenient to use

 The LED therapy mask is perforated at the eye position and set up with a fixation strap for wearing the mask, so that it is convenient for customers to wear the LED therapy mask and do their own things.

Targeted solution to skin problems

LED therapy mask uses red light, blue light, green light and yellow light to achieve the effect of anti-bacteria, whitening, skin rejuvenation and spot removal.

LED Therapy Mask SR-11C Feature

Are LED Masks Safe to Use?

Home LED devices are largely safe - as long as you choose the right device and protect your eyes. Choose a mask that's marked as FDA-approved and wear shaded or opaque goggles. You can even find face masks with the right glasses.

Prolonged exposure to blue or red light can harm your eyes if you don't have proper eye protection. Some people with eye-related conditions such as ocular albinism or congenital retinal disease or those taking medications that make them more sensitive to light may experience blurred vision, eye pain, eye irritation or changes in vision. More serious problems include irreversible loss of peripheral vision or complete impairment.

  • Who is not recommended to use?

People with a history of skin cancer and systemic lupus erythematosus should avoid this treatment, Sodha says, as should those with retinal diseases such as diabetes or congenital retinal disease. The list also includes people who take light-sensitive medications such as lithium, certain antipsychotics and certain antibiotics.

Avram suggests that people of color should be more cautious when using these devices because sometimes the color can change.




How does the led light therapy work?

LED light therapy uses color wavelengths of visible light that have specific skin benefits. Due to aging, skin disease or trauma, healthy skin cells are damaged and unable to properly renew themselves. Using specific wavelengths of light, red, blue and near infrared light, we can deliver clinically proven doses of light energy to target receptors within our cells. When these receptors are stimulated, cellular activity increases, resulting in the activation of many different natural bodily processes. This includes a 200% increase in cell renewal, increased collagen production, which increases skin plumpness and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.