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How to Use and Choose the Home Beauty Equipment?

With age, the signs of the years will also appear on the face, and the skin will become worse and worse. Various wrinkles appear on the skin. Some friends just want to do cosmetic surgery to relieve the series of symptoms they have. In fact, the negative impact of cosmetic surgery is also obvious. You can also choose cosmetic surgery with less damage, which is cosmetic surgery. This method is relatively simple and There are also a lot of home beauty equipment on the market. So, how to use the beauty instrument? How to choose? I believe everyone will have this question, so follow us to see the relevant content.

Ⅰ. How to use home beauty equipment?

1. After removing makeup and cleansing the face, apply an appropriate amount of serum evenly on the face for the first time, and then start using it. It is recommended to select the minimum current intensity for the first use, and adjust the current intensity according to the experience of use.

2. Use household beauty equipment to lift from the chin to the back of the ear, and from the corner of the mouth to the ear.

3. Use household beauty equipment to massage from the nose to the tip of the ear, from the corner of the eye to the temple.

4. From the brow, the middle of the brow, and the end of the brow to the hairline. Pay attention to the noun lift for 7 seconds, first complete the seven-line lift from half of the face, repeat three times, and repeat three times in sequence for the other half of the face.

Ⅱ. How to choose home beauty equipment?

1. Safety performance

After all, home beauty equipment is an instrument used on the face. The price of home use beauty equipment produced by some small manufacturers is indeed lower, but the materials used and safety performance are proportional to the price.

Therefore, ladies who love beauty, you still need to choose some big brands of home beauty equipment with relevant qualifications, and do not temporarily covet price concessions and cause unavoidable losses.

2. Look at word of mouth

After all, home beauty equipment is not cheap, and the experience and feelings of those who have used it are worthy of reference. Learning from the experience and use feeling of people who have come over can largely avoid stepping on thunder. If you don't have time to do in-depth research, you can take a look at some well-reputed home beauty equipment recommended by beauty and skin care bloggers, which are all worth buying.

3. Look at the price

Everyone has a love for beauty, and they all know about efficacy, safety performance, and word-of-mouth. After the final price comparison, you can save a lot of costs.

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