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Working Principle and Advantages of Sonic Electric Toothbrush

When it comes to a sonic electric toothbrush, it seems that it is popular only in recent years. However, the first electric toothbrush actually appeared as early as 1954. At that time, the Swiss doctor Philippe-Guy Woog invented this electric toothbrush specifically for patients with hand mobility (mainly invented the electric toothbrush for easier brushing), and named it Broxodent electric toothbrush.

Unlike the current wireless models, the electric toothbrush just invented has to be plugged in when using it. It's like a kite being led by a string, and it can't get too far from the socket. It was not until the 1960s that General Electric launched the first wireless electric toothbrush, and it was not until 1992 that there was a common sonic electric toothbrush.

In the so-called sonic electric toothbrush, this "sonic wave" does not mean that the teeth should be cleaned by ultrasonic waves, but the vibration frequency generated by the toothbrush has reached the frequency of sonic waves, so everyone calls it a "sonic electric toothbrush." During the working process of the wireless toothbrush, the high-speed motor transmits kinetic energy to the drive shaft, causing the brush head to generate a small high-frequency oscillation perpendicular to the handle. When you brush your teeth, in addition to the cleaning power of the bristles themselves, the sonic electric toothbrush also uses high-speed vibration to increase the viscosity of the liquid deep into the oral cavity between the teeth, thereby peeling off the dental plaque from the teeth. The high-speed vibrating toothbrush exerts force on the teeth through the impact of the water flow, and cleans the gaps between the teeth deeply, so its cleaning ability is needless to say.

The sonic electric toothbrush can effectively remove tartar, dental stains, and dental plaque, making the stained teeth clean and refreshing. However, the clean teeth will not be pure white, because the color of our tooth enamel itself is milky white, a little yellowish, not pure white. Therefore, the true whitening effect of sonic electric toothbrushes is to completely restore the natural and healthy color of teeth.

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