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Whether the Home Beauty Instrument Is Worth Buying or Not Depends on Three Indispensable Points

The beauty device is a kind of equipment based on physiotherapy to make the skin soothed, better cleaned, and absorb skincare products. The beauty device is mainly divided into large-scale hospital beauty devices and handheld home beauty devices. The function of the beauty device is facial lymphatic detoxification, skin rejuvenation, whitening, lightening of spots, tightening of skin, acne treatment, lifting and improvement of loose skin on the face, diminishing nasolabial lines, forehead lines, eye lines, removing dark bags and dark circles under the eyes and so on. In addition, it has a significant therapeutic effect on cracks in the neck. Beauty equipment is a favorite article for girls. However, many people may find that there is no magical effect after buying it and using it two or three times. In fact, whether the same home beauty device is worth buying or not varies from person to person. The key lies in the following three points:

1. Choose ultrasonic for cleaning and RF for anti-aging. Did you choose the right one?

Before choosing a face beauty machine, you can ask yourself a question: Why do I buy a beauty device? The more specific the answer, the better, such as cleansing the skin, tightening the skin, improving fine lines...and then choose one of the main reasons. Why is there such a step? Because there are too many beauty devices on the market: ultrasonic, radiofrequency, LED, microcurrent... Only when you know your main needs, you can find a beauty device with corresponding technology to improve the accuracy.

2. For home radio frequency beauty equipment, energy and temperature are both important. Have you considered it?

If there are no wrinkles and the skin is firm, then it looks young. This is also the reason why many people tend to choose RF home-use beauty equipment. The medical professional radio frequency beauty instrument will transfer energy to the deep layer of the skin, making the temperature of the deep layer of the skin reach 45 to 60 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, collagen fibers shrink and denature, which stimulate the dermis to secrete more collagen fibers to regenerate and remodel, thereby increasing the thickness and density of the dermis. The visual effect is that the skin tightens, wrinkles become lighter, and the skin looks younger.

3. Be positive and use it periodically. Can you stick to it?

Choosing an excellent home radio frequency beauty device is only the first step. Buying it does not mean using it! Many people were enthusiastic when they first got the home radio frequency beauty device and wanted to use it every day. A week later, when they found that they didn't see the "magic effect", they put it in the drawer to accumulate dust. The energy of a home beauty device cannot reach the level of a professional beauty device. Therefore, we must first calm down. You can set yourself a small goal every week. For example, at least once a week, strive for 2 times. Only if you stick to it week after week can you see the change.

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