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What is the Use Effect of Ultrasonic Beauty Massager?

How to use ultrasonic beauty equipment and what are the effects? Ultrasound refers to the kind of vibration waves up to 20,000 hertz. This kind of beauty instrument using ultrasonic waves has strong skin penetration and a good therapeutic effect. Today we will teach you girls who are interested how to use the ultrasonic beauty massager correctly. You must remember these precautions!

Ⅰ. The principle of ultrasonic beauty massager

The biggest feature of ultrasound is that it uses the mechanical, chemical and thermal effects of vibration waves to treat the face, neck, and other parts of the body, and has the effect of beauty and beauty.

Ⅱ. The effect of ultrasonic beauty massager

Does the ultrasonic beauty massager really work? Many girls want to know this question. In fact, there are many brands of ultrasonic beauty massagers, and the effects of beauty are different. However, if you insist on using them, you can see the effects. The specific effects are as follows:

1. Treat redness of the skin

Generally, sensitive skin is prone to red blood. This happens because our skin is very fragile and the stratum corneum is thin, which leads to the rupture of capillaries and redness. The ultrasonic beauty massager can effectively treat the problem of red blood, so that the capillaries are no longer too sensitive.

2. Relieve skin fatigue

The ultrasonic beauty massager can completely relax the skin, so it is very suitable for girls after a long day of work, and it can also improve our skin's ability to absorb skin care products.

3. Eliminate dark circles around the eyes

The main function of the ultrasonic beauty massager is to improve the skin quality of the eyes, remove dark circles, and restore the brilliance of the eyes.

4. Helps skin metabolism

The ultrasonic beauty massager can stimulate the metabolism of the skin, so that the old dead skin cells can be quickly metabolized.

5. Improve facial spots

Used together with beauty and skin care products, it can improve facial spots for a long time and make the skin supple and smooth.

Ⅲ. How to use the ultrasonic beauty massager

After cleaning the skin, you can use the ultrasonic beauty device. First, we can start at the chin and pull toward the ears. Then from the corner of the mouth, lift it under the ear. Then, place the beauty device in the middle of the person and pull it up to the position above the ear. Then, starting from the wings of the nose, use circular movements to lift from the eyelids to the temples. Finally, start from the forehead and slowly press towards the hairline. Repeat the above actions.

Ⅳ. The precautions of ultrasonic beauty equipment

1. Use it twice a week, don't use it frequently.

2. When using, it is recommended to add beauty and skin care products, so that the effect is better.

3. Please avoid the eyes and some parts of the mouth.

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