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What is the Effect of the Handheld Beauty Device?

Almost every woman has a complete set of skincare products at home, but in terms of skin care, beauty devices are indispensable. A handheld beauty device that is very popular recently is the favorite of the public.

Many women have various types of home beauty equipment at home, such as cleaning beauty devices, roller beauty devices, and microcurrent beauty devices. Different beauty devices play different roles. However, everyone still has doubts about the beauty device product. What is the effect of the handheld beauty device? Let's take a look together.

1. The effect of hand-held beauty device

Using the beauty device can use physical, and electronic technology, radio frequency energy, and other methods to directly penetrate the dermis layer to improve skin quality. Let the beauty industry from traditional medical care, skin protection, massage, and other items in line with the development of the times.

One thing to say, if you have a beauty device that suits you, you can achieve close to the level of medical beauty at home. If you want to achieve an effective level of medical beauty, you still need to go to a regular hospital for medical beauty. beauty device is the second substitute under medical beauty, which is more private, convenient, and saves money than medical beauty. The professionalism and effect of medical beauty cannot be replaced by any home beauty equipment at present.

2. How to choose a handheld beauty device?

The micro-current type beauty device mainly penetrates the thick epidermal cells through the current intensity, reaches the dermis layer, activates the subcutaneous cells, and synthesizes collagen, thereby enhancing the skin tension and achieving the effect of beauty, beauty, and face-lifting.

At present, the popular brands on the market all use the principle of micro-current to provide soft pulse waves and activate subcutaneous cells. Although the products are all good, the cost performance is not very high because they are all imported products. cost-effective.

LED-type beauty devices are mainly red, yellow, and blue. After the specific wavelength of light is absorbed by the skin, it will be converted into energy by cells to promote cell metabolism and synthesis, so as to improve the skin.

The improvement of skin cells can be achieved through different fluctuations, but it is worth noting that when using LED-type beauty devices, it is necessary to select the appropriate wavelength of LED light to achieve the best curative effect. Just keep testing.

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