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In general, at a certain age, collagen loss and slowed metabolism will occur, which is a normal phenomenon, but easy to trigger skin sagging. Once the skin is sagging the whole person's mental appearance is particularly bad then how to make the skin back to firm?Let's take a look at the causes of sagging skin and what bad habits in our lives will accelerate our skin sagging.


Why is the skin loose?

1. Collagen loss

The skin is supported by a large amount of collagen, which makes the skin plump. As we age, the loss of collagen will accelerate, causing the skin to lose its luster and become slack.

2. SMAS fascia relaxation

The SMAS fascia is also the facial muscle layer, which is located between the subcutaneous tissue and the muscle layer. Once it relaxes, it will collapse like a house without support.

3. Dermis moisture loss

It refers to the slow metabolism of the skin, which causes excess sugar to swim in the blood. When it encounters collagen, it will pounce on it and bite it off, causing the collagen to be disordered, and the skin will appear wrinkled and rough.

What factors accelerate skin relaxation

1. Ultraviolet radiation

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays will cause a large number of free radicals to form in the skin, which will oxidize the skin, causing the skin to age and loosen, and lose its elasticity.

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2. Dieting to lose weight

After a person loses weight and slims down the body is like hollowed out, there is nothing to support the skin will become saggy.

3. Long-term stay up late

Long-term late night will disrupt the biological clock, but also sleep deprivation, which will increase the metabolic burden of the skin, not effective rest, long-term fatigue of the most station will make the skin lose elasticity and sagging

4. Smoking and alcohol abuse

Smoking and alcohol contain a lot of irritating substances, long-term smoking and alcohol will make the skin is severely stimulated by electricity, so that it loses activity and becomes saggy.

5. Eating imbalance

Whether it is overeating or dieting to lose weight will make the skin lose elasticity, sagging, maintain a normal diet nutrition, a balanced diet is also a very important part of the prevention of skin sagging.

6. Improper skin care

Skin care products when a lot of, but not every skin care products are suitable for you, some will hurt your skin, but also may make your skin problems, premature aging wrinkles.

How to Improve Loose Skin

1. Collagen supplement

To improve sagging skin, the main reason is to supplement collagen. The sagging and inelastic skin is mainly due to the loss of collagen.  Ace-Tec RF beauty device adopts non-invasive treatment that uses heat energy to create a controlled injury to the skin. This prompts the production of collagen and elastin, which are the two key components in having youthful-looking skin. 

2. Tighten the skin

If you want to avoid skin sagging, you must choose your own firming cream for skin care products, EMS beauty device or others, which can tighten the skin in time and reduce wrinkles.

3. Face washing and firming method

This is very simple. Usually when washing your face, wash your face with hot water first, and then rinse your face with cold water a few times after washing your face. It will expand with heat and shrink with cold, which can help tighten the skin.

4. Facial massage

Proper massage can make the skin blood circulate quickly, which can increase the elasticity of the skin and avoid sagging.