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What Are the Types of Good Beauty Devices? What Are the Effects?

It is the wish of all women to have clear and radiant skin. Not only looks young and beautiful visually, but also more confident and dazzling in work and life. However, there are too many factors that can cause damage to the facial skin, such as: external air pollution, wrong skin care methods, radiation from electronic screens, age growth, etc. After use it has no effect, or even worse. There are many beauty-loving users who ask us, what are the types of beauty device? Which are better to use?

Ⅰ. What types of beauty device are there? What are the effects?

1. Current and electric pulse mode: Micro-current pulse modulation technology is used to exert effects on human skin, meridians and acupuncture points to achieve the purpose of skin tightening, wrinkle removal and beauty.

2. The micro-vibration method of the beauty instrument : the mechanical vibration and voltage stimulation method are used to tighten the human skin, increase its own elasticity, and enhance the metabolism of skin cells.

3. Lighting methods of various colors: Use various color lights to have different mechanisms of action on skin tissue to improve the condition of human skin.

4. The method of raising body temperature: use equipment to raise body temperature, accelerate body metabolism, represent equipment wax solvent, and red light irradiator.

5. Microwave equipment of beauty instrument: the use of microwave can penetrate deep subcutaneous tissue and drive cell contraction movement to achieve the effect of beauty and firming.

6. Vacuum adsorption type: The equipment uses a special adsorption tool to act on the human skin, and the human skin is sucked up by vacuum. With the movement of the tool on the body, it can achieve the functions of squeezing, massaging and exercising, which can realize detoxification. , Firming, increase the vitality of tissue cells.

7. Laser therapy: use the heat energy of laser to destroy skin epidermal cells, mainly used in freckle removal, mole removal, elimination of cover, sheath, wart and so on.

Ⅱ. How to maintain the beauty device after use?

After using the beauty instrument, you need to use a special soft cloth to wipe the massage head clean.

This will make it more hygienic the next time you use it. At the same time, do not place the beauty instrument in a high temperature or humid place, otherwise it will easily affect its use effect. It is best to maintain it on a regular basis, which can better extend its service life.

The above is some content about the different types and functions of beauty device. Heart of beauty in everyone. Correct and scientific skin care can effectively improve the health of the skin and become translucent and white. Don't spend a lot of money blindly on skin care, it's the right choice that suits you. Reasonable purchase and use of beauty device, easy skin care, make yourself full of confidence and vitality.

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