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Body Massage Machine For Weight Loss

How To Use Massager For Weight Loss?

You can use ACE-TEC slimming massager series, such as our EMS machine for cellulite, freely whether you are sitting, standing or lying down. Put the massager close to the massaged area and touch the top of the massager with your hand to touch the power switch to rotate the motor; during a massage, you can press the machine a little harder to strengthen the massage strength, or you can walk back and forth on the massaged area; According to your own conditions and needs, select the switch "strong" and "weak" position. When you start to use it, you can first adjust the switch to the "weak" position, because everyone has just touched the massager and may be a little uncomfortable. After the massage for a period of time, there is no feeling of discomfort, and then adjust the massager to the "strong" position since a gradual process is required.