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What is the Best Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin?

Facial cleansing brushes typically use rotation, oscillation, or sonic vibration to remove dirt and impurities from pores. While most skin types do very well and benefit from using a good facial cleansing brush, it’s a bit different for persons with sensitive skin. Having that in mind, Ace-tec has developed a few cleansing solutions for those who suffer from sensitive skin. Sonic cleansing brushes are typically ideal for sensitive skin as they release sonic vibrations that are gentle on the skin while giving a soothing massage. Oscillation brushes are also suitable for sensitive skin. However, it's best to avoid rotating cleansing brushes if you have sensitive skin.

What is the Best Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin?
Sonic Facial Cleanser

 Ace-Tec's sonic silicone facial cleansing device is suitable even for sensitive skin. The silicone sonic cleansing brushes soft silicone touch-points and sonic vibration massage waves to boost blood circulation and remove impurities from the skin. This device is super easy to clean, and you don't need to replace brush attachments.

Light Therapy Technology

LED Light therapy is gentle on the skin and these devices are perfect for persons with sensitive skin. The best light wavelength for sensitivity is 415nm blue light therapy. The blue light is anti-inflammatory and can help to calm down rashes. You will find that light therapy treatments are very soothing and calming. Ace-Tec has several light therapy devices with different wavelengths to treat different skin concerns.

What can I Use for Sensitive Skin?

If you have sensitive skin, it's important to be conscious of the products you apply to your skin.

  • Point 1

    Check your skincare products ingredients, and discard the ones that are associated with triggering sensitive skin;

  • Point 2

    Choose to sleep in gentle silky sheets, they are super soft and gentle for your skin (and for your hair as well);  

  • Point 3

    Don't use harsh exfoliants on your skin;

  • Point 4

    Avoid sun exposure and protect your skin and scalp with SPF +50;

  • Point 5

    Use devices with gentle technology to improve your skin condition;

  • Point 6

    Deeply moisturize your skin;

  • Point 7

    Avoid using products for the first time on your face. Perform a patch test first on a small area before you go for the whole face. We suggest for you to do it 2 times and wait for 24h.You can see if your skin reacts to it.

  • Point 8

    Use a gentle facial cleansing brush and light therapy to clear and soothe your skin;

  • Point 9

    If you already have a bad skin reaction, calm your skin with soothing products, if your skin reaction is extreme, consult with your dermatologist;

  • Point 10

    Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen to protect your skin every time you leave home, even if it's raining outside.