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Micro-current Ionic Comb

A comprehensive hair care device to nurture hair health

A new product developed this year aims to invigorate scalp cell vitality, promote blood circulation, accelerate hair growth, and combat hair loss.

What’s Micro-current Ionic Comb?

Micro-current Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Negative Ions

Highly Elastic Air Cushion

Large Combing Area

Rounded-tip Mental Teeth

What’s Micro-current Ionic Comb?

1. Make sure your hair growth comb is charged

2. Power on the electric hair Comb

3. Check Scalp Sensitivity Before Start

4. Begin at the hairline

Move the comb slowly from the front to the rear of the scalp, stopping for 4 seconds every ½ centimetre (1cm).

5. Turn Off The Laser Comb After Treatment

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