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Nano Spray Facial Steamer FBE3

ACE-TEC Nano Spray Facial Steamer FBE3 uses advanced nano spray technology to deliver water molecules deep into the pores. The adjustable nozzle position allows you to freely choose where you want to spray to meet the needs of customers for cleansing, moisturizing and fumigation.


Nano Spray Facial Steamer FBE3 Feature


Dilate the pores of the facial skin and perform care at the same time. It can be combined with a mask or lotion to promote the absorption of skin care ingredients.

Deep clean

Under the action of the warming effect, the pores are opened, and the pores are unclogged. With the cleansing mask, it helps to clean the dirt in the pores.

Removes makeup easily

After about 3 minutes of use, use with a cleansing oil or cream to remove makeup easily.

Nano Spray Facial Steamer FBE3 Feature

Nanoscale hot steam moisturizes the skin

The difference between nano ionic steam and ordinary steam

Normal water vapor has a larger diameter and is not easily absorbed by the face.The water vapor released by the nano face steamer is in the form of small

particles of nanometer unit. Compared with ordinary steam, it is easily absorbed by the face, so as to achieve the functions of unclogging pores and moisturizing.




Who is nano mist spray suitable for?

Nano mist spray is suitable for all skin types. It can help to reduce skin redness, inflammation, and irritation, as well as provide hydration and nourishment to the skin. It can also be used to help heal skin damage caused by acne and other skin conditions.


Where can nano mist spray be used in the human body

Nano mist sprays are typically used on the face to moisturize the skin and provide a refreshing sensation. However, they can also be used on other parts of the body such as the hands, arms, and legs to provide a quick burst of hydration.

Nano mist sprays can also be used for other purposes such as nasal irrigation or to hydrate the eyes. However, it is important to use the appropriate solution for each specific use, as some solutions may not be suitable for use in certain areas of the body.

It is important to note that while nano mist sprays can provide hydration and other benefits, they should not be used as a substitute for medical treatment or as a cure for any medical condition. If you have any concerns about the use of nano mist sprays, it is best to consult with a healthcare professional.