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  • Facial Mist Sprayer
  • Facial Sprayer
  • Nanometer Moisture Spray
  • Facial Mist Sprayer
  • Facial Sprayer
  • Mini Facial Spray
  • Nanometer Moisture Spray
  • Portable Mist Sprayer
  • Facial Mist Sprayer
  • Facial Sprayer
  • Nanometer Moisture Spray

Nano Mist Spray

Nano Mist Spray is a kind of nanometer moisture spray machine. This is a mini nanometer moisture sprayer that can provide instant mist and spray for skin hydrating and facial moisturizing. As a new fashion, this portable nanoscale electric facial sprayer is one of our hot sale products.

Our nanometer moisture spray machine has the following features.

  • Deep into the bottom of the skin, quickly moisturize the skin

  • Safe to use

  • Satisfy the daily needs

Besides this portable mist mister, we can also offer nanocare facial steamer to be used at home. For more facial skin care machines, please contact us to learn more!


Nanometer Moisture Mist Spray SR-10BR Features

Keep Tender Skin

Replenishing water to your skin, this nanometer moisture spray is suitable for any kind of skin.

New Fresh 5 Colors Optional

Our SR-09BM is also available in different colors. 

Extended Battery Life

Having an extended battery life, this facial sprayer series can be on standby a whole day, without worrying short of power.

Water Tank Capacity 6.5ml

Auto power off after 30s, Ace-tec SR-10BR mini portable facial spray can use 5-6 times per tank. Keeps freshwater always.

USB Charging Method

New Upgraded Charging Version.

LED Indicator

LED light indication making the unit more standing out. 

Nano Spray Nozzle

Pull cover to power on. The outer part of the portable mist sprayer cover is oxidized.

Nanometer Moisture Mist Spray SR-10BR Features

Nanometer Moisture Mist Spray Specifications





The weight of the

Unit Weight58.5g

The rated voltage


Rated frequency


Charging output voltage


Charging output current


The battery

Built-in rechargeable battery (lithium battery)

The power supply

USB power supply

accessoriesHost 1, straw 1, USB cable 1

How to Use Facial Mist Sprayer?

Use Mineral Water

As the water quality of mineral water is slightly alkaline and the high metasilicic acid inside can effectively increase the elasticity of the skin, it is then better to use mineral water with our facial sprayer. The mineral water can keep the vitality of skin elastic fiber better and make skin more bright and delicate.

Apply the Mist 15cm Away from your Face

When using the nanometer moisture spray, the spray mouth should be about 15cm away from the face, so that the water can be evenly distributed on the skin.

Multiple Times of Using is Fine

In order to have a better hydrating effect, the mini facial mist sprayer can be used repeatedly every day to replenish water according to the needs of different skin types.

What is the Use of Mist Sprayer?

The main working function of a portable nanometer moisture spray is to atomize the water with large molecules through nanotechnology so that the small water molecules can quickly penetrate into the deep tissue of the skin through the pore, and replenish moisture for the skin. When the skin is tight and uncomfortable at ordinary times, the nanometer moisture spray can replenish water for the skin quickly and conveniently.