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  • Nano Care Facial Steamer SR-17A

Nano Care Facial Steamer SR-17A

This home-use facial steamer is able to provide ionic moisturizing deep cleansing for facial skin. It is designed with a handle which makes it easier to use. This facial steamer enables you to have a spa salon experience at home and you can easily get facial detox and better face skin. Ace-tec offers various types of facial steamers, including pro cleansing facial steamer, ionic facial steamer, 3 in 1 nano steamer, and  4 in 1 nano steamer pro. Apart from facial steamers, we can also offer Portable facial mister to be used on various occasions more conveniently. Contact us to see more Facial skin care machines and check more reviews.

  • Nano Facial Steamer

  • Detachable water tank

  • Cosmetic mirror panel on the top surface

  • Adjustable spray head

  • Nano Care Facial Steamer SR-17A

Nano Care Facial Steamer SR-17A Features

  • Pro Cleansing Facial Steamer
  • Ionic Facial Steamer
  • Nanosteamer Pro 4 In 1
  • Nanosteamer 3 In 1
  • Facial Ionic Steamer

hydrate and moisturize, deep clean

  • The continuous steam period is 15 minutes

Small body with high-capacity fill water once, the continuous steam period is 15 minutes

  • Water storage tank

Small body with high-capacity

  • Dry out protection

test ordinary temperature 25℃


After the water is dried, the thermostat will

be disconnected automatically and the

the machine will be shut down automatically


After rewatering, about 30S can be

rebooted into normal spray mode

Nano Care Facial Steamer SR-17A Specifications

Product model


Product name

Facial Ionic Steamer

Product color

Black / white

Product weight

590 G

Product size175*108*155MM

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