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  • Electric Moxibustion Device

Smokeless Moxibustion Device M1

Chinese moxibustion is a treatment using moxa heat to stimulate acupoints to adjust the physiological and biochemical functions of human body to achieve the purpose of disease prevention.

Instead of burning the moxa M1 electric moxibusion device uses graphene heat technology on the treatment to solve the pain point of traditional moxibustion such as such as smoke emission and improper use of skin burns.

  • Electric Moxibustion Device

Smokeless Moxibustion Device M1 Features

  • Moxibustion Device
  • Moxibustion Machine
  • Electric Moxibustion Device
  • Graphene far-infrared

Graphene heating sheet provides not only evenly heat for moxibustion, but also 6-14 μm far-infrared radiation which can penetrate into the body deeply. 

  • Smokeless design

Without smoke emissions, the M1 moxibustion device can conduct the moxibustion treatment in different places, such as subway/train and offices.

  • Easy to operate

M1 device is easy to operate for treatment by simply paste.

Moxa patch with Double-sided sticker, one side attached to M1 moxibustion device, the other side directly attached on the skin to finished moxibustion treatment.

  • Multi-acupoints treatment.

M1 moxibustion device includes 4pcs moxibustion units. It can conduct more acupoints treatment.

  • Portable and luxury design

Leather cover with a metal edge, M1 electric moxibustion device has a very luxury design. With each unit weighing only 25g, the M1 series is very easy to carry around.

Specifications of M1 Smokeless Moxibustion Device

Packing List:
Charging holder *1  Moxibustion device*4  Leather cover*1   moxa patch*20  Type-c cable*1
60*60*155mm (Moxibustion device  unit: 40*40*20mm)        
265g (Moxibustion device  unit: 25g)
Level :

First: Blue light 45℃±3 Use time 20min

Second: Green light 50℃±3 Use time 20min

Third: Red light 55℃±3 Use time 15min

Rated voltage:
Battery capacity:
Charging voltage:
Charging time:
<45mim - Each change use for 3 times
Charging instructions:

Low battery red light flashes quickly

Charging: red light flashes slowly

Full charge : long green light

Is Moxibustion Safe?

The answer to this question is "Yes". As one of the traditional treatments approved by traditional Chinese medical science, moxibustion is considered a good way to promote blood circulation and help to regulate body function from the inside out. However, it should be noted that it is not appropriate to conduct moxibustion within one hour after meals. Moxibustion is also forbidden on inflamed parts of the body. When using the moxibustion machine, it is suggested to conduct moxibustion within 20 minutes and you can do moxibustion 3-5 times per week.

Using Instructions of M1 Smokeless Moxibustion Device

Step 1 - Remove the moxa patch round sticker cover of the electric moxibustion device

Instructions of Moxibustion Device

Step 2 - Paste M1 to the moxa patch

Instructions of Moxibustion Device

Step 3 - Remove the moxa patch sticker cover

Instructions of Moxibustion Device

Step 4 - Place the moxa patch directly on the skin

Instructions of Moxibustion Device

Step 5 - Long press the power button to turn on the electric moxibustion device, and select the temperature level

Instructions of Moxibustion Device

Step 6 - Changing: After using, put the M1 moxibustion device into the change case for charging

Instructions of Moxibustion Device

Recommended Using Area of M1 Electric Moxibustion Device

  • Shoulder: Place the moxibustion device around the acupoints like Tianzhu and Dahui near the shoulder area can effectively relieve shoulder and neck fatigue and the spinal strain caused by long-term desk, computer use, and long-distance driving.

  • Belly: The use of M1 moxibustion machine can also warm your belly and relieve symptoms such as irregular menstruation, cold hands, and feet.

  • Legs: Moxibustion near the Yingling and Zhusanli Acupoints can greatly relieve joint strain, rheumatism, and joint pain. And the massaging over Taixi acupoint can warm hands and feet.

  • Feet: You can also use the electric moxibustion device to massage your feet so as to relieve symptoms such as cold hands and feet, and improve sleep quality.

Color Reference for M1 Smokeless Moxibustion Device

Color References for Electric Moxibustion Device

Color References for Electric Moxibustion Device

Color References for Electric Moxibustion Device

Color References for Electric Moxibustion Device

Color References for Electric Moxibustion Device

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