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  • IPL Hair Removing Device
  • IPL Hair Removing Device
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  • IPL Ice Cool Hair Removal
  • IPL Device
  • IPL Hair Remover
  • IPL Hair Removing Device
  • IPL Hair Removing Device
  • IPL Machine For Sale
  • IPL Ice Cool Hair Removal
  • IPL Ice Cool Hair Removal

IPL Hair Remover

Utilizing 640nm professional long lightwave, IPL hair removing device can conduct precise and powerful hair removal. IPL hair removal can run under constantly low temperatures; thus, there is no need for ice compression and the hair removing process will cause no pain. Well designed by engineers at Ace-Tec, the IPL device can conduct hair removal and skin rejuvenation simultaneously, which gives you white and firm skin. Moreover, the hair removal device is also well-known for its 0.9-second flash hair removal.


IPL Haie remover HCB3 Feature

Special Curve Design Of Bald Head

Avoid strong light for damaging your eyes. HCB3 IPL hair removing device's automatic mode only needs to fit the skin to automatically emit light.

Reject Cumbersome Operations

No need to attach the head. Take off the whole body.

Intelligent Levels Indicator

Well-designed by Ace-Tec, the HCB3 intense pulsed light hair removal machine can conduct five-speed energy adjustment.

Auto Mode Indicator

The instruction lights will be lit up when switching to automatic mode.

Multi-functional Power Button

While the long pressing over the power button can switch the IPL device off, a short press can lead to the adjustment of hair removing speed levels (1-5 levels).

34*11mm² Light Outlet

The large area of light outlets can greatly improve IPL hair removal efficiency.

Light Outlet Design

Narrow edge design at the light exit can fit small parts more accurately. With the compact design, there is no need to change heads for the HCB3 IPL hair removing device. You can complete whole body hair removal in one machine.

Smart Parts Of Body

The IPL device is easy to grip and hold. Lightweight, not tired after using for a long time.

IPL Haie remover HCB3 Feature

Specification of HCB3 IPL Hair Remover

Filter wavelength

Domestic version:≥640nm

FDA version:≥560nm

Light-emitting area


The effective number of shots

300,000 Times

Continuous firing light period (s)

Level 1: 0.9±0.05s

Level 2: 1.13±0.06s

Level 3: 1.31±0.07s

Level 4: 1.51±0.08s

Level 5: 1.71±0.1s

Level energy(J)

Level 1: 8.3±2J

Level 2: 9.1±2J

Level 3: 9.8±2J

Level 4: 10.6±2J

Level 5: 11.5±2J

Operation mode

Manual mode & Automatic mode






DC power,

Input: 100-240V


Use Instructions of HCB3 IPL Hair Remover

Step 01

Preparation for shaving: Use a shaving knife to shave off the hair on the surface of the skin.

Step 02

Connect the Power and Turn on: After connecting the power, long-press the power button for 0.5 seconds to turn on, and short press the power button to switch levels (tips: Accessory goggles must be worn to protect eyes during the IPL hair removal process)

Step 03

Start IPL hair removal: After booting up the IPL device, choose different levels and modes (manual/automatic) according to requirements. The lamp holder is in close contact with the skin vertically, and when the light-out key indicator is on, press the light-out key to remove hair.

Step 04

Select the right mode:

  • Manual mode

The default manual mode after booting, the light will be lighted by pressing the light button after the lamp head is attached to the skin.

  • Automatic mode

Long press the light button to switch to automatic mode, only need to stick to the skin vertically without pressing a button to automatically emit light, because it emits light automatically, the lamp holder needs to slide against the skin during hair removal.

IPL-Is It Safe?

The effects of depilation on the human body are mainly related to depilation equipment. It has to be admitted that most of the previous IPL hair removal devices indeed have some defects. As the previous IPL devices normally use the ultra high energy of a single laser pulse to burn hair follicles,  the wrong use of it can indeed burn the skin. Whereas, possessing a freezing and cooling system, the IPL hair removing device produced by Ace-Tec can effectively protect the skin from getting scalded and reduce the perceived pressure on the skin surface. Thus, as for Ace-Tec's HCB3 IPL machine for sale, it is very safe for the human body and there are no obvious adverse effects.

Why Use 640nm Wavelength?

The longer the wavelength, the stronger the penetration to the skin, the better the hair removal effect, and the less likely it is to damage the skin. The wavelength of the pulsed light approved by the FDA for hair removal needs to be >550nm.

Short light waves cannot fully act on the hair follicles, and a large proportion of them are absorbed by the epidermis and hemoglobin, causing discomforts such as skin redness and swelling. The longer the wavelength of light, the stronger the penetrating power, and the less likely it is to be absorbed by the skin, especially for Asians, most of the skin color is type III-V. The long red-orange light wave above 600nm on the spectrum can reduce the pain and heat during hair removal. Damage, and reach the roots of hair follicles more effectively.

*The wavelength of the FDA version is >560nm, which provides stronger performance for the fair-skinned people of type Ⅰ and type Ⅱ.

Why Use 640nm Wavelength For IPL Hair Removing Machine

IPL Hair Removal Process of HCB3 IPL Device

HCB3 Hair Removal Apparatus uses IPL intense pulsed light technology to conduct clean hair removal. Meanwhile, it also uses selective photothermolysis effects to rejuvenate skin. The photon is a wide band. This home-use beauty device is a section of composite light intercepted by a filter, so it will contain part of the skin rejuvenation band, so as to further achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation.

IPL Hair Removing Device