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EMS Titanium Face Lifter

Firm Your Skin & Get V Line Face

This device is great for improving the condition of lackluster, coarse, and lax skin. With consistent use, it can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles while providing a firming and lifting effect, resulting in radiant and rejuvenated skin. 

The roller design provides a gentle massage effect to the skin, which can help reduce tension and promote relaxation. This is particularly beneficial for those with tense or tired facial muscles. 

  • Enhance blood circulation

  • Increase product absorption

  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines

  • Provide relaxation and stress relief

  • Promote muscle toning and firmness


EMS Titanium Face Lifter Features

EMS Technology

It works by delivering low-level electrical impulses to the muscles and tissues of the face. These impulses mimic the natural electrical signals produced by the body, causing muscle contractions and stimulating various physiological responses, which can help tone and strengthen and muscles. This can result in a more lifted and sculpted appearance. 

Titanium Plated Ball

Using a titanium plated ball to adjust the natural current of the human body can help improve and lift your facial contour.

Ergonomic Design

Its ergonomic shape allows for easy and comfortable handling, making it a versatile and convenient tool for facial care. The instrument features a titanium plated ball that helps adjust the natural current of the human body.

EMS Titanium Face Lifter Features

EMS Titanium Face Lifter Specifications

Model No.SR-08A
Speed Setting3 Speed Settings
Auot Power Off10 Minutes
Charging Time2-2.5 Hours Fast Charging
Duration After Full Charging120 Minutes
Net Weight150g

The market first combines EMS with a Titanium-plated ball in a facial massager.


EMS technology: EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is a technique that stimulates muscle contraction with electrical currents. It can promote facial muscle movement, enhance muscle tension and elasticity. Using an EMS facial massager can help lift facial contours, tighten skin, and promote lymphatic circulation while reducing facial swelling.

Titanium-plated ball: Titanium is a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant metal material. The advantage of a titanium-plated ball is that it is less prone to rust and has antibacterial properties. Compared to other massage balls or roller, it is easier to clean and can effectively suppress the reproduction of bacteria and viruses, reducing the potential risk of infection to the skin.

A titanium-plated ball can provide a more comfortable massage experience and can also aid in the smooth transmission of electrical current during the massage while adjusting the body's natural current to lift your faceline.

Enhance absorption effect: Due to the special conductivity of titanium, a titanium-plated ball can enhance the absorption effect of facial skincare products. When combined with skincare products during an EMS facial massage, it can help improve the penetration of skincare ingredients and provide better nourishment to the skin.

Ergonomic design

The compact device size and elegant line design make this facial massager easy to hold and carry, making it more comfortable to use.   


3 levels rolling speed and 3 levels EMS current intensity

By providing multiple speed and intensity settings, users can personalize their massage experience according to their preferences and needs. They have the flexibility to choose a gentle or more intense massage, depending on their comfort level and desired outcome.