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  • EMS Cellulite Massager
  • EMS Anti-cellulite

EMS & LIPO Anti-Cellulite Massager SR-07B

This electric ultrasonic anti-cellulite massage roller machine is designed with LIPO and a vacuum suction cup to continuously grasp and massage for cellulite removal. This cavitation EMS anti-cellulite massager uses a 3 in 1 brush to realize body innovation sculptural function.

This ultrasonic cellulite massager is specially designed for body slimming, if a head massage is needed, kindly check our waterproof head massager. We can also offer other body slimmer massager machine, contact us to learn more!

  • Deep muscle activation with EMS+Vacuum Sucking

  • Cellulite reduction & Skin firming

  • 2 Size suction cup with silicon roller massager

  • Rechargeable battery

  • Small but powerful for travel

  • EMS Cellulite Massager
  • EMS Anti-cellulite

EMS & LIPO Anti-Cellulite Massager SR-07B Features

  • Electric Cellulite Massager Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine
  • Anti Cellulite Massager
  • Ultrasonic Cellulite Massager
  • Anti Cellulite Massage Machine
  • Anti Cellulite Vacuum Roller
  • Suction cup &  Electric roller

Electrostatic negative pressure electric roller

Handy-alike grasping movement

  • Positive and negative  electrostatic

Micro-current, firming skin

28 days deep and firm skin

  • Shape roller

Deep stimulation muscle firming skin

  • EMS plating slice

EMS positive and negative current, deep stimulation muscle firming skin

EMS & LIPO Anti-Cellulite Massager SR-07B Specifications

Unit Dimension154×64×61mm Unit Weig

Unit Weight



3W,under charging

Charging Time2-3 hours

Do Cellulite Massagers Really Work?

The answer to this question is quite positive. Through massaging certain body areas, the EMS cellulite massager can relax the sore muscles, stimulate blood circulation, and promote fat burning. Aiming at multiple acupuncture points to stimulate, the electric cellulite massager ultrasonic cavitation machine can effectively stimulate and massage the parts where fat is aggregated. With the right use, the ultrasonic anti-cellulite massager can decompose the fat into smaller pieces and break them away from the fat layer. In this way, the users can then achieve their goals of slimming down.

EMS for Cellulite

Through various studies, it is found that EMS is effective for getting rid of your cellulite, as it holds the following advantages:

  • Comparing to the conventional training methods, EMS training conducted by the anti-cellulite massage machine can greatly eliminate the toxins that can cause cellulite.

  • Promoting blood flow and the production of collagen, the electric EMS anti-cellulite massager can also give your skin a smoother appearance while assisting you in getting rid of fat.

  • EMS cellulite massager can also help to give your body a better definition through the stimulation of certain body areas.

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