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Capsule Travel Kit for Daily Usage Features

Integrated Design

With the integrated charging cradle and storage,  this silicone sonic face cleanser is easy to carry when traveling.


Using waterproof material, the FCB5 face beauty machine has the waterproof level of IPX7.

Capsule Travel Kit for Daily Usage Features

Are Silicone Facial Brushes Good?

The silicone material itself does not conflict with any material, and the food-grade silicone sonic face cleanser will not cause any harm to the skin. Particularly effective for cleaning blackheads, the FCB5 sonic silicone face brush can be used all over the face, as the super-soft silica gel material will not damage the delicate skin. In addition, the sonic silicone facial cleansing device can also effectively clean and massage facial skin, promote blood circulation and take away blackheads.

Charging Method of Cleanse & Moisturize 2-in-1 Silicone Sonic Face Cleanser FCB5

Step 01

Pull out the charging cable from the bottom of the charging case, and then stop when you reach the required length

Step 02

The silicone sonic face cleanser should be placed upright in the charging case in the correct way (the corresponding function alignment is marked on the charging case).

Step 03

Plugin the power supply and place the sonic silicone face brush on a smooth table.

Step 04

When the charging is complete, pull out the charging cable completely and it will retract automatically.

How Does Capsule Travel Kit for Daily Usage Work?

  • Clean Mode of  Sonic Silicone Face Brush

(Sonic vibration + food-grade soft silicone bristles)

- Unique ultra-fine and ultra-soft food-grade silicone bristles for gently deep cleaning without damaging the skin.

- Three settings to meet the cleansing needs of different skin types;

  • Nourishing Mode of Sonic Silicone Face Brush

(negative ion + red light + warm sensation + sonic massage)

- 42° temperature vibration massage on the skin, red light irradiation promotes blood circulation.

- Negative ion can promote skincare product absorption and improves skin hydration;

- Daily skincare product/mask lead-in to meet different skin needs.