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Which Beauty Device Should Be Used For Oily Skin?

For oil skin, it's wrong that you only control oil but not take moisturizing measures. There is more oil and less water. The skin quality will inevitably get worse in the end with more oil and less water. At this time, the beauty instrument will be arranged. For those with oily skin, the beauty device having an export cleansing function and radiofrequency function is suitable. Having water replenishment import function, Ace-tec's home-use beauty equipment for oily skin can really increase the absorption of the skin, and the moisture level of the skin will also change. Deep cleansing, introduction, anti-aging, we all have.

Are Cleansing Brushes Good for Oily Skin?

Oily skin is more likely to clog pores because of its strong secretion, so it is more suitable to use a facial cleanser. ACE-TEC provides many different types of face cleaning devices. To take the battery-operated face cleanser SR-03G as an example, its biggest advantage is its strong cleaning ability. After using it, the skin will feel clean, fresh, and breathable. It is especially suitable for the skin with strong oil secretion and demanding cleanliness.