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Is the Facial Cleansing Device Worth Buying? Is It Really Cleaner Than

We believe many people have such doubts: Is washing your face with a facial cleansing device really cleaner than washing with hands? Of course, it's cleaner! Because washing by hand usually washes away the dirt on the surface of the skin, there is no way to clean up the deep oils and dirt! This is why you wash your face very seriously, but your skin still looks dull yellow, rough, and even more and more blackheads on your face!

Benefits of facial cleansing device:    

1. Compared with hand washing, the facial cleansing device uses bristles and vibration to clean the pores deeply, which can better clean the dead corners of the face and avoid skin problems such as uneven skin tone, acne, and blackheads. Continuous use of high-quality acne-free face brush will also help to eliminate blackheads and improve enlarged pores.

2. Compared with hand washing, the vibration frequency of the cleanser is consistent, intelligent and controllable, and there is no need to replace the brush head. Manually, since the cleaning force cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same every time, it is easy to cause excessive cleaning or inadequate cleaning.

3. The cleansing device has high cleaning efficiency and it has a facial massage function, which helps to eliminate facial swelling, accelerate blood circulation, relieve fatigue, relieve expression lines and so on.

Frequency of use of facial cleansing device:

The frequency of using the face cleansing brush machine is different for different skin types. Generally, facial cleansing device can be used 3 to 4 times a week for oily skin, and 1 to 2 times a week for dry skin, while sensitive skin should be carefully selected.

How to choose a facial cleansing device?

When choosing a facial cleansing device, you must first be cautious, after all, it is an instrument used on the face. Then, when choosing a facial cleanser, you can look at the bristles and silicone materials. The bristles must be soft and dense, and the area can be larger. Among them, thick bristles are suitable for deep cleaning, and thin bristles are suitable for gentle cleaning; The material can be made of silica gel, which can clean up dirt gently by means of sound wave pulsation.

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