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In-depth Knowledge of Beauty Devices

1. The efficacy of beauty device

The beauty device is a kind of equipment based on physical therapy to soothe the skin, better clean it, and promote the absorption of skincare products. The beauty device is mainly divided into large-scale devices of beauty line and hand-held household beauty devices.

The main functions of beauty machines for sale are facial lymphatic detoxification, skin whitening, spot lightening, skin tightening, pimples and acne treatment, promotion of the loose skin, fading wrinkles of nasolabial, forehead, and eyes, removal of dark bags and dark circles. Ace-tec's beauty device also has a significant therapeutic effect on the treatment of fractional wrinkles on the neck.

2. The functional categories of beauty device

  • Vacuum adsorption type: the device uses a special adsorption tool to act on the human skin, and the human skin is sucked up in vacuum. With the movement of the tool on the body, it can achieve the effects of squeezing, massage, and exercise, which can detoxify and tighten the skin, and increase the vitality of tissue cells.

  • Microwave type: the microwave can penetrate deep subcutaneous tissues and drive cell contraction to achieve the cosmetic effect. Many face lifting instruments belong to this category.

  • Different wavelength photon irradiation methods: the colored light of different wavelengths has different mechanisms to apply to skin tissues which can improve the condition of human skin.

  • Micro-vibration method: mechanical vibration and voltage stimulation are used to tighten the human skin, increase its own elasticity, and enhance the metabolism of skin cells.

  • Fumigation beauty device: it is divided into cold state and hot state, using special equipment to evaporate beauty products and drugs into a gaseous state which can penetrate into the skin tissue to achieve the effect of beauty.

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