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How to Use Ultrasonic Beauty Massager Correctly?

The appearance of the beauty instrument is to better target different skin types and needs to improve the skin. We used to see beauty equipment only in beauty salons. Nowadays, home beauty equipment has entered more and more families. People can operate these beauty equipment at home, which is very convenient and fast, and it saves a lot of beauty equipment. The cost of the hospital is really exciting.

So do you know what is an ultrasonic beauty massager? How to use ultrasonic beauty massager correctly? Let Ace-Tec give you a specific introduction!

Ⅰ. What is an ultrasonic beauty massager

Ultrasound refers to a mechanical vibration wave with a frequency exceeding 20,000 Hz. The vibration wave has mechanical, thermal and chemical effects. The ultrasound face massager uses the characteristics of strong ultrasonic penetration and can penetrate 4-6mm under the skin to perform physical therapy on the human body and face to achieve the purpose of weight loss and body shaping, whitening and improving skin quality.

Ⅱ. How to use ultrasonic beauty massager correctly

1. Clean the facial skin, then steam you face with a nanocare facial steamer for ten minutes;

2. Gently pat all parts of the face with toner until the skin absorbs all the toner so that the skin can be thoroughly disinfected and best protected;

3. Apply the essence evenly on the face, subject to the flexible rotation of the voice head during operation;

4. Press the power switch and select the appropriate modes;

5. Adjust the appropriate time of the ultrasonic beauty massager generally for 15 minutes.

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