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How to Use Facial Cleansing Face Device in Small Beauty Equipment?

Everyone's living standards have generally improved. Now more and more people pay attention to skin care. Beauty shops can be seen everywhere. Many people who love beauty will regularly clean their skin to reduce the oil on their faces and properly replenish water. It can unclog pores, and can also achieve after-sun repair. It is not only convenient to carry, but also moisturizes the skin at any time. Then follow us to see the usage skills and suitable people of facial cleansing devices in small beauty equipment manufacturers.

Ⅰ. Tips for using the facial cleansing device

1. When using the facial cleansing device under different conditions, it is necessary to adjust the amount of facial cleansing device used

In different situations, the amount of facial cleansing device is different, which you have to control. If you are using a facial cleansing device for the first time, we recommend using more facial cleansing device so that it can effectively cooperate with the facial cleansing device.

If the facial cleansing device is used less, it is easy to damage the skin. In the process of using the facial cleansing device, the facial cleansing device can not only clean the skin, but also lubricate it. If you use a small amount of facial cleansing device, it is easy to scratch the skin. At the same time, when using a large amount of facial cleansing device, it needs to be rinsed off to avoid clogged pores.

2. Pre-soak the brush head of the facial cleansing device

When using the facial cleansing device to cleanse the facial skin. In addition to the amount of facial cleansing device to be sufficient. There should also be enough water. You can soak the brush head of facial cleansing device in water beforehand. Then wash your face with a cleanser. In this way, the brush head of the facial cleansing device will have better cleaning ability. Dirt and oil from the skin can be cleaned more effectively.

3. Avoid sharing the facial cleansing device with others

When using a cleansing device, it is best to avoid sharing it with other people, because bacteria can easily grow during alternating uses. Bacteria can easily enter the skin and clog pores during repeated use. Therefore, if there are sisters in the family, it is best to have one and not mix them.

4. Regularly clean the brush head of the facial cleansing device

The facial cleansing device is similar to some makeup tools. If it is not cleaned frequently, bacteria can easily breed. These bacteria have a great impact on the skin. Therefore, when using these tools, not only can the skin not be cleaned thoroughly, but the skin will become more and more dirty, and even cause folliculitis.

Therefore, it is recommended that sisters clean the facial cleansing device regularly, apply a little facial cleansing device on the brush head, and rinse with warm water until the brush head is completely clean. Only when the makeup tools are clean can the skin be prevented from being polluted when cleaning the skin.

Ⅱ. Applicable people of facial cleansing device

1. Skin that always feels that the face is not clean;

2. Skin with large oil production and unbalanced water and oil;

3. Blackheads, acne, acne marks, dull skin;

4. Skin that is rough and not delicate enough;

5. Skin care products that are usually used are not absorbed well enough;

6. People who often use make-up.

7. Office workers who have been in an airtight office for a long time and face the computer all day long;

8. A housewife who often cooks. The facial cleansing device uses high-frequency vibration to achieve the purpose of cleaning. It has different brush heads and frequencies that can be switched, and mainly relies on batteries to meet power needs.

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