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How to Choose the Facial Cleansing Device?

1. Brands of facial cleansing device

With the rise of the concept of facial cleansing equipment, various brands are producing and selling facial cleansing equipment, not only well-known brands, but also various counterfeit brands.

The facial cleansing device itself is not a high-tech product, but the material is important. It also belongs to the category of beauty device. Generally, the silicone material of the brush head can reach the level of medical silicone, and the texture is often better. It has a certain antibacterial function, and the material is soft, so it won't cause excessive wear when it touches the skin.

In addition to the materials, the safety and durability of the products are also very different. Therefore, when choosing a facial cleansing device, try to choose a big brand and don't lose more for cheap.

2. The brush head of the facial cleansing device

The silicone brush head has a large contact area with the skin, and the bristle brush head is in precise contact with the skin one by one. From the point of view of the contact surface, the hair-like head of the face cleansing brush machine is cleaner than the brush head similar to silicone. From the perspective of skin type, two normal skin types can be selected, and for dry sensitive skin, it is recommended to choose an ultrasonic silicone face cleanser

3. The budget of the facial cleansing device

If the bristles of the facial cleansing device are made of nylon fiber, long-term use will not only cause the deformation of the fiber and hair, but also the bacteria can easily multiply. Therefore, frequent replacement of the brush head is also part of the cost. In addition, the silicone brush head has a certain antibacterial effect on the silicone material, and the brush head does not need to be replaced, which is a great advantage.

4. The use scene of the facial cleansing device

According to the choice of use scene, there are two main considerations for facial cleansing equipment. First, we need to consider the size of the home-use beauty equipment. In real life, people who need to travel frequently or work in other places are inconvenient to travel with too large a cleansing instrument. Second, endurance is also a factor that must be considered. Products with poor durability require frequent charging, which can cause a lot of trouble.

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