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How Much is Home Beauty Equipment? How to Choose Home Beauty Equipment?

Beauty is also a woman's nature. Although the skin types are different, they are all the same in the pursuit of beauty.

With the improvement of beauty technology, it has become a very common method to improve skin quality with instruments, and beauty salons continue to appear around the community. However, it is a lot of expense to do long-term skin care in a beauty salon, so the birth of home beauty equipment meets the needs of most beauty-loving women. The home beauty instrument is small in size and easy to carry and can be used anytime, anywhere. What is the price of a general home beauty instrument? How to choose a beauty device?

Ⅰ. How much is the home beauty equipment?

The question of how much the beauty instrument generally costs may also be the question that everyone is most concerned about. There are many beauty instruments on the market today, ranging from hundreds to thousands.

Normally, the beauty instruments on the market are generally between 100-3000 yuan, and the beauty instruments with a single function are generally less than 1000 yuan. The better ones with more functions should be around 2,000 yuan.

Ⅱ. How to choose a beauty device?

First of all, let's understand the different working principles of the beauty instrument, which are roughly divided into these types of micro-current type, RF radio frequency type, ionization type, ultrasonic type, and LED lamp type. The efficacy and function of each kind are not the same. In order not to waste money for babies, come and see which one is most suitable for you!

1. Skin problems: large pores and poor absorption capacity.

Applicable instruments: import and export instruments.

Used together with skin care products, through the attraction of ions and motors, the dirt in the skin is extracted, and the absorption capacity of the skin is enhanced at the same time! This is an auxiliary instrument, the effect is relatively slow, and it is a typical type that sees people's hearts over time, and these imported and exported instruments usually have a relatively high safety factor, and it is basically no problem to use every day!

2. Skin problems: prone to edema, sagging caused by early aging.

Applicable instruments: micro-current instruments.

The working principle of this micro-current instrument is to rely on the micro-current to massage and stimulate the facial muscles and lymph, so as to achieve the effect of lifting and tightening and eliminating edema. This type of instrument will have some minor irritations due to the introduction of micro-current, but most of the effects are immediate, and the jungler needs to persist for a long time to maintain the skin condition!

3. Skin problems: fine lines in early age, loss of elasticity, dullness.

Applicable instruments: RF instruments.

The working principle of the radio frequency instrument is to accelerate the production of collagen through thermal energy, so that the skin can be restored to an extremely plump state. Many devices on the market use gel to control heat energy to avoid burning the skin, so most of the skin will be dehydrated after use, and it is necessary to replenish water after use. The effect is fast, but you still need to keep using it.

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