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On January 12, 2023, ELLE magazine pushed 22 head massagers to end consumers, providing a lot of information for the industry development of such instruments, the main information are as follows.

1. the main selling points

2. selection guide

3. 22 products recommended selling points and basic product information


1.  Main selling points

  • Home use

  • Multi-site use: neck, eyes, shoulders

  • Key: Can care for the scalp, maintain a good scalp environment for hair growth

2.  Selection guide

End customers mainly choose the products according to their needs from the following 3 directions

  • Manual massage head VS electric head massager

  • Body available range

  • Waterproof or not

3. 22 recommended selling points of the product (collation and summary)

In the case of having the basic functions, each brand according to different market objectives, the introduction of unique products, in general, ELLE based on the following points to select the product.

  • Price: good value for money

  • Popular technologies: concurrent EMS common use

  • People with specific needs: products designed to address dry scalp and

  • New technology: update a part of the technology that is different from the general market

  • Experience: product design that mimics the salon experience

  • Popular demographic: designs that are in line with artificial body science and popular aesthetics