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Functions of the Sonic Facial Cleansing System

Ⅰ. What is the sonic facial cleansing system?

Nowadays, makeup has become a daily routine for urban women, and the cleaning of makeup every day has become more and more important. In addition, factors such as increased haze and air dust will aggravate clogged pores, prevent dirt from getting out, and nutrients from getting in, causing various skin problems.

People's requirements for cleansing are getting higher and higher, and traditional hand-washing methods can no longer meet people's needs. So the appearance of sonic facial tool is gradually recognized by people.

The sonic facial device is the latest cleansing method that has emerged in recent years, and is also known as a facial cleanser. It mainly uses the principle of ultrasonic waves to vibrate the fine hairs on the face brush, so as to achieve an efficient and non-irritating cleansing and massage effect.

Ⅱ. Main functions of the sonic facial cleansing system

1. Current and electric pulse method

2. Micro-vibration method

3. Irradiation methods of various colors

4. Microwave equipment

Normally, the sonic facial cleansing massager is used consistently and can effectively remove freckles, chloasma, pimples, and acne marks. It also has a good effect on improving sagging skin, eye bags and dark circles under the eyes. 

It can help the facial cleanser to form a high-density uniform foam, thoroughly clean the face, and achieve the effect of beauty and health care. It is a special sonic facial tool.

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