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Scrub, Scrub, Scrub! Facial Cleansing Brush Gives a New Height of Appearance

When using the facial cleansing brush, the amount of cleanser and water must be sufficient. If the amount of facial cleanser is not enough, of course, there is no way to clean the skin properly. It is best to cover the entire brush head, but it will not foam without enough moisture. Please remember to soak the brush head before use.

Steps to use high technology to clean your face:

Step1: Use clean water to gently caress the mask to moisturize the face.

Step2: Put an appropriate amount of cleansing product on the facial cleansing brush, and then try the facial cleansing brush to clean the face.

Step 3: Start cleaning from the forehead, gently and slowly move the brush in a small circle.

Step4: Then follow the T-shaped area to the cheek area.

1. Facial cleansing brush must be cleaned and dried after use

After using the facial cleansing brush, be sure to rinse off and dry or air-dry the brush head. Sisters who feel troublesome can consider electric cleansing products with their own drying system to let them dry automatically. At the same time, it is recommended to replace the bristles every 3 months to keep the bacteria clean and prevent the growth of bacteria from affecting the health of the skin.

2. A facial cleansing brush with a smaller diameter and softer will have gentler bristles

Sisters who want to try electric cleaning products but are worried that the bristles will damage their skin do not need to worry about this. However, you can require more attention in the selection of bristles, choose bristles with a smaller diameter and softer bristles.

3. Never share the facial cleansing brush head with others

One last thing to note is: Never share brush heads with others! Because the brush head is a very personal thing, just like our toothbrush. Do you share toothbrushes with others? When sharing the brush head with others, it is very likely that the bacteria on the face will also be exchanged, which is very unhygienic.