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How To Use Face Exfoliator Brush?

It's suggested that you can exfoliate your face with an exfoliating scrubber or deep pore cleansing device two days out of a week. Certainly, if your skin is vulnerable and sensitive, you'd better take it just once a week. You can either apply the cleanser onto the tool or directly onto your skin. Then wet the brush and choose the cleaning mode of the handheld exfoliating brush. Use it to clean your face with gentle circular motions, and then wash your face. Don't forget to nourish your skin with moisturizer after using our exfoliating cleansing brush.

Exfoliating Tips for Face

Many customers worry about the problem that the pores become larger after using the exfoliating device. Using ACE-TEC exfoliating cleansing brush, you should never worry about this thing happens. Here is the tip for you. Before the operation with the exfoliate machine, you can use a hot spray to expand and soften the pores, which will help clean and remove the dead skin cells! After cleaning, make up for some nutrients to the skin, choosing our FB11 electric face skin exfoliator, it will help the absorption of the product, and have the effect of reducing pores.