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Nano Mist Spray SR-10BR

Product Summary
Effective atomization providing tiny enough water mist,penetrating into basal cell layer of skin. Soften skin by continuous mist supply to ensure more efficient absorption of various skin care lotion. Leakproof and compact design make,it safe and protable.LED indication making the unit more outstanding and elegant.
Product Introduction Specs Tag

Power Comsumption:650m

A Tank Capacity:6.5ml

Mist Amount:O.8ml/min

Unit Dimension:41x39x128mm

Auto Power off:30 seconds LED 

Indication:Low battery

Unit Size:25.8x26x107.5mm Unit Weight:58.8g

Charging:Use the USB cable or with a detachable adapter charging

Power:Built in rechargeable battery(Dry battery version is optional

补水仪 纳米喷雾