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How to Choose Beauty Device for Dry Skin

A beauty device that moisturizes or promotes moisturization, such as a spray device that can help deep hydration and penetration, such as an introduction device that can promote skin absorption. The deep moisturizing effect of nanocare facial steamer SR-17A on dry skin is quite powerful and can enhance the moisturizing effect of daily skincare products. Deep moisturizing and moisturizing can reduce water loss and reduce facial dryness.

Dry Skin Problems and Solutions

On the contrary to oily skin, although dry skin is not often shiny, it is often dry and tight, the skin is not smooth, and there is no elasticity. Even in the dry season or in a dry air-conditioned room, it is prone to peeling. When choosing a facial cleanser it’s suitable to use the silicone brush head other than a hair brush head. Dry skin is recommended to the facial cleansing device about 2 times a week.The skin is still prone to dryness and dehydration if you apply a mask frequently. That's because the surface is only hydrated, and the basal layer of the skin is not well cared for. With Nano Care Facial Steamer SR-17A you can not only replenish the skin but also gain the water lock function.