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Correct Operation and Principle of RF Home Beauty Equipment

When women have skin sagging and sagging symptoms, it will appear that the whole person becomes much older, and the wrinkles on the face will gradually increase. This situation usually starts from the loss of collagen, and some people will improve it through medical beauty. often more painful and financially stressful, afflicting many women. Now with the development of high technology, an instrument that can improve this skin symptom has appeared on the market, that is, a radio frequency beauty instrument. Let's talk about the working principle of the radio frequency beauty instrument and the correct operation steps.

1. How to operate the RF home beauty equipment correctly?

If you don't have many areas that you want to improve, you want the entire face to be evenly plumper and more delicate. It is recommended to use the low gear for the whole face, and do not rush to use the high gear, especially in the apple muscle area, do not use the high gear, and you can see certain effects by sticking to the low gear for a month.

If your goal is to tighten the contours of the cheeks and improve the appearance of the fleshy face. Use high gears only on the areas where the cheeks are contoured, and use medium and low gears for other areas. That is, the whole face is heated evenly with the low gear, and then the cheeks are strengthened by increasing the gear. This will have some immediate and long-term face-lifting effects, which is more effective for edema faces.

If your goal is to improve laxity, fight sagging and fatigue. After heating the whole face with the low gear, switch to the high gear, and draw four lines on the face, namely the nose wing-temple direction, the mouth corner-temple direction, the chin-temple direction, the mandibular angle-temple direction, remember Move evenly and don't focus on a single spot. This is to form several relatively compact collagen skeletons and lift the soft tissue. Of course, the final effect cannot be compared with thread carving.

2. What is the working principle of RF home beauty equipment?

The principle of the home use beauty equipment is to use the RF radio frequency wave to directly penetrate the skin, and to use the impedance formed by the skin. The radio frequency wave can also make the cells and molecules generate strong resonance rotation (on the order of millions of times per second) to generate thermal energy to achieve collagen tissue heating. The purpose of heating with fat cells makes the temperature of the bottom layer of the skin rise instantly, and the stimulation of the dermis will produce immediate collagen tightening and stimulate collagen regeneration. Simply put, through the power of RF radio frequency, the dermis layer is heated through the epidermis of the skin, thereby stimulating collagen regeneration.

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