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How To Take Care Of Combination Skin?

Combination skin does not have to be troubled by "oil fields", and it is not as tight as dry skin and prone to wrinkles. Many of them use people with this skin type, so it depends on whether you are mixed with dry or mixed oil. The biggest difference between it and oily skin is that the oily skin is oily on the whole face, while the mixed type is only oily in the T-shaped zone. Other parts, such as the cheeks, are in a neutral or dry skin state. When you take care of the combination skin, remember to take the zone skincare.

What Skincare Is Good For Combination Skin?

For friends with mixed skin types, there are different ways to deal with it in different places, such as oily T-zones, which require deep cleansing to shrink pores. Therefore you need a good facial cleansing device such as our Sonic Facial Brush SR-02C with a small brush head. For other parts, where fine lines are prone to appear, such as the corners of the eyes, you can choose a massage-type beauty instrument to maintain. Like the Portable Ultrasonic Anti-wrinkle Eye Massager SR-06C that provides blue LED lights to realize lymphatic drainage and make your eyes look bright.