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Can a Home Beauty Equipment Really Make You Look Younger?

Is home-use beauty equipment really worth buying? Many girls are concerned about this issue, let's take a look together.

1. Home beauty equipment can really make people younger?

There are many types of home-use beauty equipment, including visible light, near-infrared light, radiofrequency, and lasers. Different beauty devices have different design goals. Therefore, it cannot be said that all household beauty devices can resist aging.

But among them, the radio frequency beauty device is really mainly used for anti-aging. With the development of RF beauty technology, especially the substantial increase in energy density and the increase in RF working frequency, there are now quite good home RF beauty instruments, which can reduce fine lines, tighten and refine skin texture to a certain extent. However, you also need to pay attention to:

1. For safety reasons, the energy density of the home radio frequency beauty instrument is lower than that of medical beauty radio frequency equipment, and the penetration depth is much lower than that of medical beauty radiofrequency. It cannot be expected to be as effective as medical beauty. However, long-term use can reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin to a certain extent, so you must remember to persist.

2. The skin condition also determines the effect of the product. For severe wrinkles, the improvement effect of only using home beauty equipment may be very limited. On the basis of the overall treatment of cosmetology against sagging and wrinkles, home beauty equipment can be assisted; young people in their early twenties have fewer fine lines, good skin quality, no matter whether you use medical beauty or home radio frequency beauty equipment, there is not much room for improvement.

In short, the effect of a regular home RF beauty instrument is not as good as that of medical beauty, and everyone should have reasonable expectations. However, the reliable home beauty instrument is safe and painless, and can be used at home, which is a good choice for lazy people to fight against aging every day.

2. What is the specific principle of the home radio frequency beauty instrument?

The principles of home radio frequency beauty equipment and medical aesthetic radiofrequency items are not exactly the same, but the basic principles are similar.

The essence of radiofrequency beauty machines for sale is a high-frequency current. When this high-frequency current passes through human tissues, the polar molecules in the tissues will rise up, vibrate back and forth violently along the path of the current, rub each other, and generate significant heat to increase the local temperature of the dermis.

On the one hand, this thermal stimulation will promote the contraction of dermal collagen, thereby tightening the skin; on the other hand, it will stimulate the dermis and promote the secretion of collagen by fibroblasts, thereby diminishing fine lines and delicate skin.

However, I still need to emphasize that although the core technology principles are similar, there are still significant differences between the RF home beauty equipment and the medical beauty project. Consistently use it to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles.

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