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Do Acne Brushes Work?

Acne brushes are workable to some extent. For example, the infrared light of ACE-TEC mini rechargeable acne Laser Pen SR-09BM can penetrate to the bacterium acnes, quickly eliminate acne pustules, and simultaneously inhibit sebaceous gland secretion, reduce the number of acne and inflammatory skin lesions, and promote tissue repair. Our home-use beauty equipment will also provide thermal therapy for the best acne treatment with heat.

How to Get Rid of Acne with Beauty Device?

Here is the procedure to employ the ACE-TEC mini rechargeable acne blue LED Pen SR-09BM used to get rid of Acne. First, you can put a hot towel on the nose for three minutes, then you can use our Nanocare Facial Steamer SR-17A to steam your face for 10 minutes to open the pores. After that, aim the beauty head on the skin with blackheads, press the power button to suck the skin, and stay for no more than 5 seconds each time. Finally, moisturize the skin and shrink pores.

High-Frequency VS Led Light Therapy for Acne

LED light therapy is a therapy method using different wavelengths of light such as red light or blue light to irradiate your skin and reach different effects. High-frequency therapy uses small currents to provide oxygen to the skin which can kill the bacteria. Choosing which therapy is actually according to your acne situation. If your acne is at the period of whitehead, blackhead, or pustules, it's better to have the Led Light Therapy for Acne. If your ace has grown into cysts and nodules, the high frequency has better effects.