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Guangdong Ace-tec Co., Ltd.

Statement by general manager Anny on internal organizational changes

1. We will strive to achieve our mission "to provide customers with reliable and beautiful solutions".

Through organizational changes, we will cultivate human resources who can interface with industry and academia, external experimental institutions and the latest external research results. By polishing the existing technical capabilities, overcoming new technical difficulties, and digesting the rapidly iterating external technologies into ACE-TEC's own capabilities, we will output the core points of reliable solutions, and provide the development team with cost-effective and excellent performance solutions as much as possible, and cooperate with each other to solve the problems of QCD of customers' projects.

2. To achieve the mission of "pursuing the happiness of all ACE-TEC people" and work hard.

Organizational changes should be beneficial not only to the company's development, but also to individual development, so that the company and individual development on the same baseline.

Material happiness is obtained through the value created by individual ability, while the improvement of ability is driven by both the opportunity provided by the company and the efforts of individuals. Therefore, we hope to incubate more excellent talents through organizational segmentation, give more people the opportunity to develop, let people "flow", break the fixed way of thinking, and help excellent talents gain more experience, knowledge and ability.

Spiritual happiness requires families to "toss and turn", to explore undiscovered potential, ability, versatility and methods under stimulation, pressure and challenges, to solve problems that others cannot solve, to overcome difficulties that others cannot overcome, which is a great sense of accomplishment that cannot be replaced by all material rewards.

All the changes only serve to solidify ACE-TEC's competitiveness and ACE-TEC's ability to deliver value to the outside world, so that all ACE-TEC people can have more room for development.

In 2023, all ACE-TEC family members, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!




Good news

First, with the joint efforts of several colleagues from the Quality Assurance Department and the R&D Department, our company has obtained the Certificate of Group Standard Drafting Unit and successfully participated in the formulation of the group standard of Ultrasonic Pore Cleaner, a pioneering work that has greatly enhanced our good image and technical strength in the industry!

So according to the "Personnel Management Measures".

1. to take a big credit to Mr. Zhang who is responsible for the initiative and coordination work.

2. one minor merit for Mr. Guo and Mr. Qiu who are responsible for technical support and standard discussion.

3. one commendation for Mr. Tang who provides support for testing methods!

ACE-TEC hope the above family members will not forget their original intention and create another good performance, and call on all family members to follow their example and create a better future for ACE-TEC !

Second, in order to meet the needs of the company's business strategy development, better connect the management at all levels, the company decided to adjust the internal organization, promote Mr. Guo, Mr. Qiu position, I hope the two excellent colleagues in the future work to continue to strive to climb the peak!