Guangdong Ace-tec Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Ace-tec Co., Ltd.


With the unremitting efforts of all ACE people, our "Guangdong All-in-One Multi-functional Beauty and Fitness Instrument Engineering and Technology Research Center" project has been approved by the municipal level!

  • The original intention of the project

With the mission of "pursuing the happiness of all YAS people, providing customers with reliable beauty solutions, enabling everyone to be confident because of beauty, and making the world fall in love with Made in China" and the value of "customer first, strive for excellence", YAS Electronics has been We are committed to creating high-grade home beauty equipment to meet the needs of consumers who can enjoy the advantages of low trauma, convenience and cheap beauty at home, and to establish a good image of Made in China through the excellent display of quality, efficacy and service.

  • Formation significance

The established engineering technology research center will drive the scientific and technological innovation of home beauty and health apparatus, unite the main domestic research and development forces, and devote to the research and development and demonstration of industrialization and production of home beauty and health apparatus: (1) Promote the industrialization and production of home beauty and health apparatus.

(1) Promote the adjustment of industrial structure of home beauty and health apparatus, and play a role in promoting and demonstrating the industry of home beauty and health apparatus

(2) To improve the economic efficiency and technical level of the home beauty and health apparatus industry, develop high-grade products, increase the added value of products and enhance international competitiveness

(3) To develop safe and effective products through the advantages continuously occupied in technology, actively participate in the improvement of the industry standard of home beauty apparatus, and make the home beauty apparatus industry develop in the direction of more specialization and standardization;

(4) to meet people's consumer demand for modern home beauty whitening, skin rejuvenation, spot removal, wrinkle removal, hair removal and weight loss, and to improve people's quality of life in general.

  • Future development

With the support of professional R&D base for new products and technologies, mold design department, process design department, new product performance laboratory, reliability laboratory, new parts laboratory and other high-end facilities and equipment, as well as technical guidance from our internal technical team, external professional teams and teams from famous universities at home and abroad, we are committed to building into a leading domestic and provincial first-class home beauty instrument engineering technology research center.

In the process of construction and development, we focus on the needs of future technology development of home beauty apparatus, constantly improve our R&D capability, actively carry out professional technical services to the outside world, gather and cultivate industrial technology innovation talents, and at the same time find out the weak points of domestic technology through market research and external cooperation analysis, increase the introduction of foreign advanced technology, create and design home beauty apparatus products that meet our national conditions, and gradually solve the common problems of domestic industry products. The common problem of the domestic industry products.

Image 1: Reliability Lab /Image 2: Testing Instruments /Image 3: Center R&D Department

Image 1: Reliability Lab /Image 2: Testing Instruments /Image 3: Center R&D Department

  • Company Profile

ACE-TEC was established in 2003, which is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacturing and sales of bio-medical products - photoelectric physiotherapy and skin repair and beauty instruments, as well as a pilot enterprise of Dongguan City Multiplier Plan and the executive chairman of Dongguan Lean Production Research Association.


Image 1: Portable dual booster /Image 2:Wireless Sonic Vibration facial cleaning /Image 3: IPL hair removal

Image 1: Portable dual booster /Image 2:Wireless Sonic Vibration facial cleaning /Image 3: IPL hair removal



Image 1: 5mode sonic toothbrush /Image 2:Nano spray hydration device


At present, the company has 62 valid patents, more than 40 elite personnel of beauty instrument R&D and various international certifications, with its own brand ACETINO (Ortino), mainly engaged in a variety of types of small home beauty instruments, products are mainly sold to Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other countries.