Guangdong Ace-tec Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Ace-tec Co., Ltd.

Core Value

  • 01
    Try the Best

    Think hard, try continuous improvement.
    Be brave in innovation, pursuing better solutions.
    Think as if looking down from a helicopter to have a wider view.

  • 02

    Treat others with sincerity and kindness.
    Pursue profits while including others with good consideration.
    Think like a Boss to work with the team in the right direction.

  • 03
    Inner Seeking

    Use "What is right as a human being" as the only judging criteria.
    No excuse, no shifting to the others when working on a team.
    Find failure reasons from oneself and shoulder the responsibility for correction.

  • 04
    Zero Defect

    Do it right at the first time.
    Make detailed planning and take prevention in advance.
    Take responsibility for results in the willingness and pursue perfection.

General Manager Anny Tan

General Manager Anny Tan

Executive Chairman of Lean Production Research Association Vice President of Shenzhen Shengheshu

Enterprise belongs to society. Meaning of its existence to create values for society, while profits are the give back from society. As an independent economic entity, all enterprises must strive hard to get profit to keep survival. Between creating value to the outside and getting returned profits, there is a casual relationship. In other words, the premise of getting profit is to create values firstly.

Creating values is oriented from a thorough understanding of demands and headache points. So, we need to stand by customers to face the market together, to think what's end user's real demands and real headache points, what's the best solutions, how to help customers to win the market. Ace-Tec should not just good manufacturing, but also allied force of customers, and magicians to bring beauty and health to end-users.

To do so, it is not enough just relying on Ace-Tec itself. We need to find and develop good suppliers. After setting up long term trustful partnership, cooperate with suppliers to make overall improvements on technical, quality, cost and delivery.

I really believe, when customers, Ace-Tec and Suppliers are bonded to each other in a complete value chain, we can contribute the biggest value to society!

Development History



Company established.


The 1st Cleaning Brush into the market.


Cooperating with No. 1 Beauty Device brand in Japan.


Certified with ISO9001 + ISO13485 system. Cooperating with one global electronics company.


Cooperating with No. 1 electronics company in Korea. Cooperating with No. 1 Direct-selling company in China.


Moved to self-built factory. Installing MES system to vigorously promote LEAN.


Worked as the 1st overseas ODM supplier for the biggest cosmetics group in the world.